Premier Charities – Premier Baseball Gives Back

At Premier Baseball we try to give back and help out the community. We have started initiatives that help raise money for those in need in the area. We help support individuals, groups, and causes.

How Premier Charities began

The first fundraiser that the Premier Charities raised money to help, was for a young man in Olathe named Abraham. Abraham’s mother was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 cancer months ago.

When the family found out about the cancer Abraham’s father took off, and Abraham was left to help support his mother and twin 12 year old sisters. Abraham is 19 years old and in his first year of college, he is working daily to pay for college, try and offset his mother’s medical expenses, and help support his little sisters.

Abraham has the most positive outlook on life. He is always seen smiling and never lets people get him down, he always takes the good in situations and in people.

Learn more about Premier Charities

To learn more about Premier Charities or to donate, contact premier baseball at 913-283- 7942 or email Bob Zimmermann at

Other initiatives

See below for other initiatives that Premier Baseball is supporting: