Our instructors have had the privilege of working with many well respected people in the game of baseball. See below what people have said about our instructors and the Premier Baseball Company.

Detwiler Ross Detwiler, Texas Rangers, Starting Pitcher
Drafted 6th overall in 2007, Made his MLB debut that same year.

“Bob Zimmermann knows pitching and is a great communicator, he always had helpful advice for me and anyone we were playing with. Those are some lucky kids getting to learn from him, the sky will be the limit for them.”
Jeppy Kevin Jepsen, 2015 Closer for the Minnesota Twins

“When me and Bob Zimmermann were teammates we talked pitching all the time. He gave me so much helpful advice and definitely help me get to where I am today. I fully support any program he is a part of. If I was a kid I would absolutely love to have him as a pitching instructor.”
Marcum Shaun Marcum, Drafted in the 3rd round in 2003, Went 57-36 with a 3.60 ERA in his first 7 MLB seasons.

“Bob Zimmermann knows pitching. He knows how to motivate. He knows how to communicate, and probably most importantly knows how to have fun. What more could you want out of a pitching instructor? I fully support his Premier Pitching Program.”
ziegler Brad Ziegler, 2015 Closer for the Arizona Diamondbacks

“Bob Zimmermann was a great teammate and I’m sure he will be a great pitching instructor for these kids”
Hamels Cole Hamels, 2008 World Series MVP

Worked out with Bob Zimmermann during multiple off seasons and was very impressed with his level of commitment to always trying to get better.
Paul Evans Paul Evans, Missouri State, Assistant Head Coach – 2015 D1 Assistant Coach of the year

“Bob Zimmermann knows pitching. He has worked as an instructor at many of my camps. There is no one the kids enjoy working with more. He has a way of connecting with the kids. The kids learn a lot and have a great time along the way.”
Steve Murry Neosho Steve Murry, Neosho County Community College, Baseball Head Coach

“I met Izzy (Jeremy Isenhower) as a HS senior and we signed him to play at Neosho. He was a tough kid that was very raw. Once he got here, he became a sponge for knowledge. His work ethic was unreal and he was the type that was going to use his talent to the fullest. He was a star for us, moved on to the D1 level and became a star there. played professionally and always been a standout. I marvel now as I watch him impart knowledge onto young players and takes a true interest in their success.”
Nasby Scott Nasby, Drury University, Baseball Head Coach

“Bob Zimmermann always kept things light. He always made sure everyone was having fun and staying loose, and when it came time to play, the team was ready to play.”
lewford Lew Ford, Received votes for AL MVP in 2004

“Bob Zimmermann has everything you’d want in a pitching instructor. He knows and loves the game of baseball and is always in a great mood, having a great time. I fully support his Premier Pitching Program.”