Pitchers In-Season Arm Maintenance Program

Physical Benefits:

The in-season arm program for high-school pitchers will benefit the athlete by maintaining his arm strength and arm speed through continued posterior buildup. The program will also help maintain mobility and stability throughout the shoulder, elbow, and scaps. We will offer the latest in recovery techniques, while continually improving deceleration pattern.

Game Planning and Routine Building:

We will supply the athlete with a weekly throwing plan, setting up and identifying, intent days, recovery days, drill work and mound work days, between their regularly scheduled game days with their high school team.

The Program will offer hours Monday – Thursday for the athletes to come get their work in:

Monday’s – Thursday’s from 7:30 – 8:30

The cost will be $225 per month.

The Program will run from March – May and is a must for pitchers to maintain the progress they’ve made after our Premier Pitching Program.