Rentals and Memberships

Hittrax Rental

Use of the state of the art baseball simulator to record analytics of your athletes and track results and improvements. Split your team up to play games. Use the full 70 ft cage to let your pitchers face your hitters and see real time results. Use the entertainment function to play home run derby’s or hitting games.

Cage Rental

Rent a cage for individual or group work, use for hitting, defense, throwing, or pitching.

Team Rental

Rent space for your team, space can include hitting tunnels, open defensive space, or the pitching area. Run your team’s practices, or call for pricing to have one of our professional instructors run your team’s practice.

Rental Type Cost Duration
HitTrax $150 Per Hour
Cage Rental $50 Per 30 minutes
Team Rental* $150 Per Hour

*Price reduction with sign up of multiple dates.