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testimonial baseball 112315 max - Testimonials “Coach Bob is awesome and he was my first real pitching instructor. He helped me with my form and stressed to me the proper way to pitch and take care of my arm. Coach Bob taught me to work hard and also to have a lot of fun playing baseball. My arm strength improved over time and this fall I was throwing over 50 MPH. All my hard work paid off thanks to Coach Bob.”

Max L.
“Premier Baseball is a fantastic family environment where I go to look for baseball, strength training, and relationships that are second to none. ”

6th Round Angels Draft Pick Cole Duensing
“Premier Baseball in my opinion has the complete package for development as a player. From fine tuning my delivery through movement patterns, to training in the weight room, and stressing the importance of recovery, the staff has created a way for me to improve every day. The environment at Premier is the best I’ve experienced because you are surrounded by athletes who are driven and trying to improve themselves just like you are, while being guided by a staff that has each player’s best interest in mind. I enjoy every day I go to the facility because I know I’m training with the best.”

29th Round Royals Draft Pick Grant Gavin
(No Image available) Brain Hall – Father of Allonte Hall – Catcher, Blue Springs HS – 2018 Arkansas University Commit

“If you want your son or daughter to maximize hitting skills and obtain a extensive skill from a professional level Jeremy Isenhower, is that guy he is an excellent hitting coach who loves the game that he teaches. Jeremy, has an outstanding teaching at communication skills he keeps it simple while displaying patience which is essential. He teaches a step by step approach to help build your son/daughter confidence and skill level which is essential also, he understands how the body works to effectively master your child swing. Mr. Isenhower has knowledge of how to trigger certain hitting muscles and the ability to FIX BAD HABITS, while teaching effective mechanics which are key skills in baseball. Mr. Isenhower has taught my son in a short period of time how to be very effective in his swing and it is a very powerful swing. My son really loves his teachings and it has worked for him and I assure you it will work for your son/daughter also if you’re ready to take your son and daughter to a professional level in baseball I recommend…JEREMY ISENHOWER, is in Houston, Texas at THE BASEBALL WAREHOUSE. They offer everything your son or daughter would need need to go to the next level in baseball. Some of the training offered are HITTING, FIELDING, STRENGTH, AND CONDITIONING, ARM CARE, and LIFE SKILLS.”